The Navigator: Overcoming the Fear of what Next

by Bolanle Titilola

This book is intended for people who need inspiration and guidance in taking the steps necessary to transform themselves and their business towards that goal that seems unreachable or unattainable

This book is for you if you want to:


  • Overcome confusion and self-doubt
  • Discover what you are meant to do, your purpose and your life
  • Remove the constraints and obstacles that prevent you from
    living a fulfilling life
  • Expand or widen your comfort zone
  • Take control of your life and live with contentment
  • Overcome your fear of taking action that will lead to living your
    dream or your desire

Book Summary

The book is an excellent and to-the-point narrative that gives you the courage you need to honestly look at yourself and make changes required to get what you need in life and in business. The book gives solutions and insight into how to overcome your confusions, your fears, your doubts, your limitations, and constraints so that you can live a fulfilling life.

This book will help you discover and focus on what you are meant to do, your passion or your purpose and convert it to business success. It assists you to sieve off some ideas that are not practicable, limit your options and make you focus on the practical ones.
It emphasises the need to constantly expand your comfort zone by standing up to fear.

As the author shared in-between the business journey, it also provides relatable and simple exercises that helps readers to utilise the information shared and to gain knowledge.

This book is a great gift to those who want to take control of their life, stop living below capacity, operate at their natural capacity and live their dream.

This book will show you how to:


  • Overcome your fear of acting on your ideas
  • Start a business irrespective of your age
  • Grow the right attitude to ensure your success
  • Stop living in the background
  • Find clarity on how to be successful in your business

About the Author

Bolanle Titilola as a teenager had this burning desire to make a difference in
the agricultural sector seeing how people in agriculture and other small
businesses struggle daily with little or nothing to show for it. She has her first
degree in Agricultural Economics and two Masters’ degrees in Business Administration
and Sustainable  Development Practice respectively. After her
first-degree, situation made her go into the banking sector where she spent
over 20 years and put her passion on the back burner.

She left the banking sector after over 20 years confused as to what to do next,
having no business knowledge or clear- cut business idea but decided to
follow her passion with determination and an open mind. She struggled
through learning, unlearning, and relearning a lot of things along the way.

Her search for knowledge led her to join the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women in
Business Mentoring Program where she met some amazing mentors who
made her understand that doing business does not have to be a struggle. It is
a journey that needs to be lived and enjoyed.

‘The Navigator: Overcoming the fear of What Next’ is about her journey, her
challenges and struggles along the path of personal and business
development. She believes sharing these experiences could inspire and help
people who are as confused as she was before she started the
journey as well as those who are struggling along the business journey.
Bolanle Titilola is an agricultural entrepreneur and a mentor in personal and
business development. Reading her book will make a huge difference in the
personal and business life of small businesses and small business owners who
are bent on fulfilling their purpose or living their dreams.